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Satellite Broadband

Available CountriesSatellite Broadband offers access to the latest generation satellite broadband in many of the most rural locations in Europe and offers the kind of service and choice you’d expect from Europe’s biggest satellite company. Satellite Broadband is becoming available in more and more countries all the time, and can deliver up to 20 Mb download, 2 Mb upload.

Satellite Broadband offers dynamic and competitive tariffs including pay-as-you-go options and UNLIMITED off-peak data. You can either rent or buy your kit, and self-install; airtime bundles start at only £9.99 a month (inc VAT).

The Pro UNLIMITED  package is an excellent product for very heavy or business users. Whilst the product doesn’t cap the amount of data you pass over the connection, the dynamic Fair Use Policy does use a stepped process to manage the speed of the connection depending on how much data you pass over the connection, and how busy the Satellite network is at that specific time. So its not correct to think that this tariff is unrestricted, but it may still be your best option depending on your user profile.

The peak times on the network are between 4.00 pm and 11.00 pm, and during these times if you’re a very heavy user, you’ll see less than the peak speeds. If you’re a light user, and use the connection mainly outside these peak times, you’ll see the peak speeds the majority of the time.


Is Satellite right network for you?

Based on the location you wish to set up a satellite system it may or may not be the best network for you in terms of coverage. To avoid any doubt, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss possible solutions that best suit your needs.